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Pharma Logistics Africa (PLA2021)08-Dec-2021 09-Dec-2021
Africa Security Symposium (ASEC2021)27-Oct-2021 28-Oct-2021
Africa Mining Summit (AMS2021)21-Sep-2021 22-Sep-2021
Action on Disaster Relief - Africa (AADR21)29-Jun-2021 01-Jul-2021
Africa Climate Resilience Investment Summit (ACRIS)16-Jun-2021 17-Jun-2021
EMEA Regional Security and Stability Operations Conference (ERSSOC 21)06-Apr-2021 08-Apr-2021
Action on Disaster Relief (ADR2021)24-Feb-2021 26-Feb-2021
Pharma Logistics Africa (PLA2020)15-Dec-2020 16-Dec-2020
Africa Security Symposium (ASEC2020)06-Oct-2020 07-Oct-2020
Africa Mining Summit 2020 (AMS2020)15-Sep-2020 16-Sep-2020
Africa Climate Resilience Investment Summit (ACRIS V)03-Mar-2020 05-Mar-2020
Action on Disaster Relief (ADR2020)05-Feb-2020 06-Feb-2020
Pharma Logistics Africa (PLA2019)30-Oct-2019 31-Oct-2019
Africa Mining Summit 201924-Sep-2019 26-Sep-2019
Africa Security Symposium (ASEC2019)25-Jun-2019 27-Jun-2019
Resilient Infrastructure Forum (RIF) 201904-Jun-2019 06-Jun-2019
Africa Climate Resilience Investment Summit (ACRIS IV)05-Mar-2019 07-Mar-2019
Action on Disaster Relief 201905-Feb-2019 07-Feb-2019
Africa Security Symposium West, North and Central07-Nov-2018 08-Nov-2018
Africa Mining Summit 201809-Oct-2018 10-Oct-2018
Resilient Infrastructure Forum (RIF) 201826-Jun-2018 28-Jun-2018
Africa Security Symposium East & Sub-Sahara (I)30-May-2018 31-May-2018
Africa Climate Resilient Infrastructure Summit (ACRIS III) 27-Feb-2018 01-Mar-2018
Action on Disaster Relief III05-Feb-2018 07-Feb-2018
Africa Security Symposium IV, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire13-Dec-2017 14-Dec-2017
Africa Mining Summit 201711-Oct-2017 13-Oct-2017
Africa Security Symposium II20-Jun-2017 21-Jun-2017
Powering Resilience with Renewables Africa Forum 201719-Apr-2017 20-Apr-2017
Action on Disaster Relief II25-Jan-2017 26-Jan-2017
Africa Mining Summit13-Dec-2016 14-Dec-2016
Africa Security Technology Symposium05-Oct-2016 07-Oct-2016
Powering Resilience 201601-Sep-2016 02-Sep-2016
Africa Climate Resilient Infrastructure Summit (ACRIS II)20-Apr-2016 21-Apr-2016
Action on Disaster Relief26-Jan-2016 28-Jan-2016
Africa Mining Summit25-Nov-2015 26-Nov-2015
Africa Climate Resilient Infrastructure Summit (ACRIS I)27-Apr-2015 29-Apr-2015
GRV ICT Summit III25-Mar-2015 26-Mar-2015
GRV ICT Summit II23-Apr-2014 24-Apr-2014
GRV Mining Summit II12-Mar-2014 12-Mar-2014
GRV Transport Summit04-Dec-2013 05-Dec-2013
GRV Energy Summit II23-Oct-2013 24-Oct-2013
GRV ICT Summit17-Jul-2013 18-Jul-2013
GRV Mining Summit I17-Apr-2013 18-Apr-2013
GRV Energy Summit I03-Dec-2012 04-Dec-2012
Africa Security Symposium (ASEC2021) - Inactive23-Jun-2021 24-Jun-2021
XXXXXXXXXXXISOA21 - Inactive06-Apr-2021 08-Apr-2021
Africa Security Symposium West, North and Central 2019 - Inactive06-Nov-2019 07-Nov-2019
Amber Bennett Hine - Inactive01-Jan-2019 02-Jan-2019
Powering Resilience with Renewables Africa Forum 2017 - Inactive18-Apr-2018 20-Apr-2018
Africa Road Safety Forum 2017 - Inactive14-Mar-2017 15-Mar-2017
Iran Investment and Development Forum - Inactive15-Feb-2016 16-Feb-2016
MID Euphrates Airport Project Summit - Inactive28-Jun-2012 28-Jun-2012
Maysan & Tai Qar Reconstruction & Investment Summit - Inactive12-May-2012 13-May-2012
Iraq Transportation Infrastructure Summit - Inactive26-Feb-2012 27-Feb-2012
South Sudan Summit - Inactive06-Jun-2011 07-Jun-2011
Pakistan & Afganistan Summit - Inactive24-May-2011 25-May-2011